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Stairs are vitally important. Stairs help connect each floor and make it easy to get from one part of a house to the next. However, sometimes stairs can have problems. Many homeowners find the staircases in their home have been poorly designed. A staircase may be in need of updating because the railings are not in good shape or other issues such as the staircase is too steep. A staircase that is too steep can create all kinds of problems. The bad angle can make it harder to get items up the stairs such as beds and lamps. A steep staircase can also make it harder to people to climb the stairs. It’s best to correct such a problem as soon as possible. A good stair company such as Stair Builders Long Island, can suggest solution that may not have been immediately obvious before.

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Examining the Staircase

It’s important to have a stair contractor Long Island have a look at the stair. The stair company Long Island can have a look at all aspects of the stairs and how they fit together. Stair builders Long Island can determine where the problem lies. This may be because the stair risers are too steep and create awkward angles. The treats of the stairs might also be high so residents are forced to climb uncomfortably when they are trying to get from one floor to the next. A staircase may simply have been placed in an area that is very narrow so the stairs rise in an uncomfortable manner.


Creating a New Design

Once the issue with the stairs has been identified, a stair contractor Long Island can help determine what kind of new design works best there. Stair builders Long Island can suggest new ways to help create stairs that work better. This may include many kinds of solutions. For example, a stair contractor Long Island may suggest that it makes sense for the homeowner to knock down a few walls to help open up the entire space. The stair company Long Island may also suggest other changes that can make the stairs less steep and help them adhere to modern building codes as the same time such as replacing the staircase entirely and putting in a newer, less steep staircase that is easier to climb.


Installing the Finished Product

After a design has been agreed upon by the homeowners and the stair builders Long Island, the changes intended to the staircase and any areas surrounding it can begin. In many cases, changes may consist of a minor remodeling project. A spiral staircase, for example, can be particularly steep. Removing the spiral staircase and replacing it completely can help solve the issue and make the staircase far more functional at the same time. A homeowner may also wish to expand the entire area around the staircase to reconfigure it and make it easier for the homeowner to climb the stairs and bring items upstairs at the same time. Many other changes can also be made to the staircase to help reduce the height of the staircase such as putting in new railings that are more modern. The net result of such changes is typically a staircase that is more modern and allows for better use of the home.