It’s Winter & Basement Waterproofing on Long Island is Needed!

It’s winter, and it’s wet, and you’ll need basement waterproofing on Long Island real soon! If the news reports are accurate, this is going to be a pretty wet winter. And if the precipitation is mostly snow? Then the day of reckoning will be when the snow starts to melt.

Basement Waterproofing on Long Island

It’s bad enough that Long Island is like a waterlogged sponge. The constant rain and snow over the past 15 years coupled with the poor drainage has really lead to some interesting basement issues on the island. For one thing it’s turning a few of them into swimming pools!

No they were a number of reasons why water well into your basement. A primary reason is just simple foundation settling. Overtime water or even roots will make its way through the concrete and for my crack that will let water inside. in the beginning it The most you may get is a very small puddle. But over time the crack worsens and after one heavy downpour you have a lagoon in your home!

Now whether you waited for disaster to happen or you’re one of the 2% of homeowners who are actually proactive and called a reputable company that does basement waterproofing on Long Island.

Now they are different types of waterproofing companies. Or let me be more specific. There are companies that do structural foundation repairs. This may be needed in the most extreme cases. That normally occurs when there is a lot of sagging in the floors. In that case structural supports may be needed.

Most companies that’s strictly do basement waterproofing on Long Island, cannot do this type of task. So make sure when you call a contractor, to clearly explain what the problem is. This is important for you and them so no one‘s time is wasted and you can call the correct company that can help with your foundation issues.

If you don’t have a major structural issue then a normal contractor that does only basement waterproofing on Long Island will be able to help you. Now one of the things you want to mention or more accurately ask any potential contractor that you may use is what is their process.

You want to know how are they going to waterproof your basement. And the reason you want to know is some of them may move to want to install a French drain right away. Now it’s not that this may be one of the only options you have. What do you want to make sure if there any other options.

French drains are quite expensive, ranging from anywhere from $5000-$8000. They are not the only option. There are contractors who will do a Hydro injection of epoxy into your basement cracks which will seal the water out. This will require less maintenance than that of a French drain system and usually is no more than $4000.