Getting 3-D Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta

3-D metallic Epoxy flooring in Atlanta is so friggin cool! I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it yourself. Using you may find this type of floors at your hire and hair designers or even restaurants.

metallic epoxy flooring in atlanta

So if you’re not familiar with what Epoxy flooring is, here is a brief and simple explanation. It’s basically a floor coating that goes on top of concrete. It can be cleared, colored, Or super badass with 3-D imaging.

So Metallic Epoxy flooring in Atlanta coatings can be solid based solvent or water-based. They normally consist of a resin and Hardener part. There are industrial commercial and even residential applications for the use of Epoxy flooring.

Now, All metallic Epoxy flooring in Atlanta is not the same. They are different types of grades of resinous flooring. Sometimes people get a misconception that purchasing this type of residence paint from a supply store means it is simple to apply a durable finish.

This is very far from the truth. Especially when it comes to amazing types of 3-D flooring. Now you can apply Epoxy to garage floors and the floors at a veterinarian or pet shop. But who thinks aesthetics look cool?

Now when you start with a metallic epoxy floor you are now starting to get somewhere. You can get it in the myriad of colors, and different types of flakes. If this was all to these amazing types of floors, that would be good enough probably for most people.

Obviously with so much creativity in this world, a simple metallic residence floor will not do. People always have a tendency to push the envelope when it comes to art. 3-D metallic Epoxy flooring is no different.

There is so many different types of designs you can do. From simple kaleidoscope squirrels, to having your floor appear as if Nemo himself and the entire fish of the sea or about to jump through your living room floor. The only limitation is what you and your resinous floor designer can think of.

I’ve seen so many different types of flooring such as blue ocean with a subtle waves, A pebble walkway in the middle of a grassy field, clouds that make you feel as if you’re walking in heaven and let’s not forget the minions.

Whether you’re looking for just straight metallic Epoxy or do you want to challenge yourself to have a 3-D design done that will totally change the atmosphere of where you live or work. As long as you have an imagination, you will have a completely wild and astonishing floor.