The Complex Life of the Process Server in Suffolk County

Being a process server in Suffolk county can be quite a daunting task. Process service in long island are used to complete a range of tasks from filing court documents, retrieve court documents and their primary function as a processor is they are hired to hand deliver court papers directly to the defendant in question that’s involved in a lawsuit. When these papers are served it tells the recipient what you want the courts to do and the papers are informing you of this which gives you due process. When you get served this puts you on notice that you are being sued. You are considered served once the legal documents have been handed over to you personally by the processor representing the process service in Suffolk County.

Process Server Suffolk County NY

Not Always Fun and Games

To some, process service in long island employment is not as exciting as it may look. Some people think because this job requires being out in the field and not tied to a desk the job must be a breeze but often times it’s not, it can be a bit stressful sometimes when you are a process server in Suffolk county. The processor most likely doesn’t know the person they are serving so it’s important for the processor to know who and what type of situation they may have to approach. There are times the processor will have to:

1)Research the person they need to serve

2)Or stakeout the area and familiarize themselves with that person’s routine so they will know when the best time to approach them with the papers.

A lot of times they know they are going to be served and may become evasive or even aggressive. This is not always the case but it is best to be prepared because it can happen which can turn it to a very unsafe situation. There have been times where processors have gotten creative and may have posed as:

A pizza delivery

  • A pizza delivery

Flower delivery

  • Flower delivery

Delivery of a package

  • Delivery of a package

You name it, sometimes these tactics are used to make the approach more unsuspecting and a lot of times it actually works. If you still have a hard time serving the person sometimes simply acting as you know them by calling them by their first name to gain their attention. This method kind of confuses the person which gains there attention towards you giving you the opportunity to hand the court documents over to them informing them they have been served.